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Authorized Images: Two French 19th Century Immortals- Alexandre Dumas, Gustave Flaubert


Authorized Images: Two French 19th Century Immortals- Alexandre Dumas, Gustave Flaubert: The author of The Count of Monte Cristo and of The Three Musketeers has always been in print in both his native France and abroad, resulting in hundreds of unique postcards reflecting deep appreciation of his life and work were om sale in the early years of the 20th century. Flaubert, most known for his novel Madame Bovary, operated on a higher plane but still managed to attract a large following, perhaps partly because of the sexual and moral notoriety attached to his best-known work. Parisian printers honoured both with a myriad of handsome cards, a broad selection of which are presented in this volume, in the company of biographical prose and full captions.


Product Description

Rediscovering Alexandre Dumas: A Visual Chronicle in Antique Postcards

Embark on a visual journey through the life of Alexandre Dumas, one of literature’s greatest storytellers. This section invites you to explore the richness of Dumas’s life through a carefully curated collection of beautiful antique postcards. Each postcard is a snapshot of Dumas’s adventures, friendships, and literary triumphs, allowing you to witness the world that shaped his imagination and inspired timeless classics.

Gustave Flaubert’s World: A Tapestry of Emotions Captured in Postcards

Immerse yourself in the emotional tapestry of Gustave Flaubert’s life, beautifully unfolded through a series of exquisite antique postcards. This segment unveils the intricate details of Flaubert’s experiences, relationships, and the landscapes that fueled his literary genius. The postcards serve as portals to Flaubert’s world, enabling you to connect with the passions, struggles, and inspirations that molded one of France’s literary icons.

Collectible Elegance: Owning the Literary Legacy in Antique Postcards

Indulge in the allure of owning a piece of literary history with this e-book. This section celebrates the joy of collecting as it offers a unique collection of antique postcards portraying the lives of Alexandre Dumas and Gustave Flaubert. Each postcard becomes a tangible link to the cultural and literary legacies of these two luminaries, allowing you to own and cherish a slice of their world in an elegantly curated format.

  • “Dumas Unveiled: Antique Postcard Chronicles”
  • “Flaubert’s Emotions in Vintage Postcards”
  • “Own the Elegance of Literary History”
  • “Antique Postcards: A Tale of Two Icons”
  • “Literary Legacies Preserved in Postcards”

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“Capturing Lives: Dumas & Flaubert in 100 Antique Postcards E-Book!”

“Embark on a visual odyssey with our e-book featuring the lives of Alexandre Dumas and Gustave Flaubert. Own 100 antique postcards, preserving the essence of literary brilliance. Immerse yourself in the elegance of literary history – collectible, timeless, and captivating!”


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